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For couples therapy and help with anxiety problems and depression, contact Jesse J. Tepper PHD today by filling out the form below. 

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Effective Couples Therapy

Couples therapy
Seeking a resolution within your relationship?  Jesse J. Tepper PHD is here to help!
Our highly trained therapist will help you revive the spark in your relationship with effective and constructive therapies.
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Quality Counseling

Come into Dr. Jesse J. Tepper PHD's office knowing you are safe and in a confidential and comfortable environment. 
Contact  us today for quality sessions to resolve conflicts and get to the root of the issue for your depression or anxiety.
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Call us at 212-787-5250 to schedule an appointment. Our therapist is certified in both PA and NY.
Visit us at 300 Central Park West in New York, NY or 105 Heron Bay in Lords Valley, PA.
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